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Skin Cancer Surgery


The face and ears are complex areas of anatomy which require a high degree of understanding of the anatomy as well as the convexities and concavities of the area involved. Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in the removal of skin cancer from the face as well as ears.

Preoperative Process

If you suspect you have a skin cancer on the face then Dr Robinson will discuss how the area will be reconstructed. If there is any doubt regarding diagnosis, then Dr Robinson will take a biopsy of the lesion. Dr Robinson will discuss the operation and arrange for removal of the lesion in an appropriate period of time.


The procedure may be performed under general anaesthetic or alternatively under local depending on the extent of the lesion. Following the procedure Dr Robinson will see you approximately one week after the operation and then 6 weeks after the operation.

If you would like to further discuss removal of skin cancer, or are suspicious you have a skin cancer on your face then make an appointment to see Dr Robinson.