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A rhinoplasty is a procedure which involves reconstructing the nose. The procedure can be done for either functional, cosmetic reasons, or both. Dr Robinson has had subspecialist training in rhinoplasty and has passed the Facial Plastics Exam which is held in Washington DC each year. A large focus of this exam is rhinoplasty.


There are several indications for performing a rhinoplasty including:

  • Severe septal deviation (bent cartilage in middle of nose)
  • Failed previous septoplasty
  • Nasal valve collapse
  • Cosmetic concerns regarding appearance of nose

The main symptom patients have who need a rhinoplasty is having a blocked nose. Patients may have had an operation on their nose before, or alternatively have broken their nose multiple times.

Pre operative assessment

Dr Robinson will take a history from you including a history of the problems you have in relation to breathing through your nose. Following this Dr Robinson will examine your nose from an external appearance point of view as well as using a nasoendoscope to look inside your nose. This is the time to tell Dr Robinson if you would like anything changed about the appearance of your nose.

Following the examination Dr Robinson will discuss the options going forward and whether you would benefit from a trial of nasal sprays. On a case by case basis Dr Robinson may recommend having a rhinoplasty.

The procedure involves a general anaesthetic and takes approximately 1.5 – 3 hours to perform. The wide variance in time for the operation is determined by whether you need to have extra cartilage taken from either your rib or ear as well as whether you have had previous surgery on your nose. Most people are able to perform office based work approximately 3 – 5 days after the operation.

After the operation you will have an external splint over the top of your nose which is a dressing as well as 2 plastic like splints in your nose. Dr Robinson takes the plastic splints out from inside your nose between one to two weeks post operatively and the external splint is removed in approximately the same time frame.

Preoperative Instructions

Prior to the operation Dr Robinson will ask you to cease any blood thinning medication.

Postoperative Instructions

Post operatively Dr Robinson will prescribe you some antibiotics as well as some steroids. Dr Robinson will also recommend that you use a saline based spray in your nose for approximately 3 months post operatively to facilitate improved healing. Dr Robinson will see you at least 3 times post operatively to ensure the nose has healed appropriately.

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