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Facial Skin Cancer


The face is a very complex area of anatomy which multiple vital structures and convexities and concavities. Removing skin cancer from the face requires a high degree of knowledge about the options for flaps as well as substantial training and experience in how to perform the operation, whilst achieving the best cosmetic outcome. Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in skin cancer removal from the face and has successfully completed the International Facial Plastics Exam which covers removal of skin cancer from the face extensively.

What do I do if I suspect I have skin cancer on the face?

If you suspect you have skin cancer on the face then make an appointment to come and see Dr Robinson within the following 2 weeks. If there is any doubt as to the diagnosis Dr Robinson will take a biopsy of the area in question.

If the biopsy is positive for skin cancer then Dr Robinson will discuss the surgical options with you and arrange for an operative date.

Treatment Options

In general, the treatment options for skin cancer on the face include:

  • Wide local excision with primary closure
  • Excision with a local flap
  • Excision with a graft

Not all of the options will be available for every case. Dr Robinson will assess your case on its merits and make the most appropriate decision for you.

If you suspect that you have a skin cancer on your face or ears, then make an appointment in a short period of time to see Dr Robinson.