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Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a very specialised area of surgical practice. Facial plastic surgeons are recognised amongst their peers as experts in performing surgery on the face with a cosmetic, functional and reconstructive approach.

To be recognised as a facial plastic surgeon requires multiple extra areas of study and demonstrated skill. The steps which must be completed to be recognised as a facial plastic surgeon are as follows:

  • Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeons
  • Completed one year of an approved fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Passed the International Facial Plastics written exam held in Washington DC
  • Passed the International Facial Plastics oral exam held in Washington DC
  • Completed a logbook of 200 cases which are reviewed by the head of facial plastics in Australia
  • Acceptance by the society of Facial Plastic Surgeons as a accredited member

Dr Dan Robinson has completed all of these steps and is recognised as the only accredited Facial Plastic Surgeon on the Gold Coast and all of Queensland. Dr Dan Robinson is one of only 6 surgeons in all of Australia who have this qualification.

Dr Dan Robinson currently holds one of the three positions on the board of the Australian Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons. He regularly attends conferences in Facial Plastics and also teaches and demonstrates at courses in Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr Dan Robinson applies his skills on the Gold Coast to both primary and revision cases. An increasing amount of the workload which Dr Dan Robinson performs is revision surgery on patients who may have had an operation performed by someone else and not achieved the desired cosmetic or functional outcome. Dr Dan Robinson finds such cases very rewarding and challenging and applies all of the skills which he has learnt in his training to such cases.