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Congenital Cyst Removal


Removal of congenital cysts from your face requires a high degree of dexterity and understanding of the anatomy of the face. Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in removing lesions from the face, including cysts such as congenital cysts.


Having a congenital cyst is very common and the majority of them do not need to be removed. The indication for removing such a cyst includes the following:

  • Recurrent infections of the cyst
  • Discharge of smelly material from the cyst
  • Intermittent swelling of the cyst


Removing the cyst is performed under general anaesthetic. The operation is very safe to perform and takes approximately 30 minutes and up to one hour depending of the extent of the cyst. Dr Robinson typically uses dissolvable sutures when removing the cysts so that they don’t need to be removed after the operation. After the operation you are able to go home the same day. Dr Robinson will normally see you approximately one week post operatively and then approximately 6 weeks after the operation.

If you would like to discuss this procedure more then make an appointment with Dr Robinson.