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Providing Cosmetic Face Lift Surgery, on the Gold Coast

A face lift can reverse the changes of an aging face with long lasting effects. Face lift surgery has evolved significantly over the last 2 decades changing from a procedure which would cause problems with looking like you were in a wind tunnel to a procedure which makes you look more refreshed and youthful. Patient satisfaction is usually very high with the patient attaining a look which is more like their younger self.

Dr Dan Robinson is one of only 8 surgeons in Australia and the only surgeon in Queensland who has undergone fellowship training in face lift, being taught by an expert for a whole year. Following this year of training in facial plastic surgery Dr Dan Robinson then sat and passed the American Facial Plastics Board Exam which was an intensive two-day exam held in Washington DC examining facial plastic surgery. Dr Dan Robinson stays up to date with his training in facial plastic surgery and through the Australian Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons. Dr Dan Robinson currently sits on the board of the Australian Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Dan Robinson was trained in performing the deep plane face lift and performs this technique in his surgeries. This technique is unique in that it places minimal tension on the skin, allowing for a natural look to the face without having the windswept look associated with face lifts historically. A deep plane face lift also lasts longer than other forms, such as the S Lift or MAC lift. As a general rule of thumb, a deep plane face lift will reverse approximately 10 years of aging. After the operation, most patients are able to return to normal socialising within 2-3 weeks.

What is the aging face?

One of the key principles of face lift surgery is understanding what changes occur in the face as we age. Aging effects on the face are due to gravity as well as a reduction in volume in some areas and laxity of the skin in other areas. As gravity causes the suspensory ligaments of the face to stretch, the skin over the top of these ligaments can stretch. This stretching then causes an appearance of volume loss in areas of the face.

Classic signs of aging of the face include developing jowls, increased wrinkles over the cheek, formation of a tear trough deformity on the inner aspect of the eye and a bulge of fat below the eye. Some people go through these changes much earlier than others and unfortunately may have the appearance of being grumpy or tired all of the time.

To compensate for these changes some people may have fillers injected, which does even out small hollows and troughs but is not a long-term solution to the aging face. The best solution to an aging face is to resuspend the ligaments which have become lax with age. The best way to do this is to perform a deep plane face lift, resuspending the ligaments of the face without putting undue stress on the skin and avoiding the unnatural pulled look which can be associated with other forms of face lift.

The deep plane face lift

The deep plane face lift requires significant understanding of the anatomy of the face as well as skill by the surgeon. The incisions are hidden around the ear and hairline. The skin is elevated for a few cm then the sub SMAS plane (deep plane of the face) is elevated. The lift is completed by resuspending the SMAS without putting any tension on the skin. The skin is then re-draped and trimmed appropriately. The procedure takes up to 8 hours to perform and requires general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital.

Neck lift

When a face lift is done, it may be necessary to perform a neck lift at the same time. The neck lift is performed to get rid of the sagging which can occur in the neck and redefine the cervico-hyoid angle (angle under the chin as the chin transitions to the neck). At the same time as performing a neck lift some sub-mental fat (commonly known as turkey gobbler fat) is removed and the muscles under the chin are tightened.

How do I choose a cosmetic surgeon for my face lift?

The best surgeon to perform your face lift is the cosmetic surgeon you feel comfortable with. Many plastic surgeons have been self-taught in face lift without doing a year long fellowship in facial plastic surgery. Dr Dan Robinson has completed a year long fellowship in facial plastic surgery and was specifically trained in deep plane face lift. Another consideration in choosing your surgeon is that Dr Dan Robinson performs the deep plane face lift as opposed to other lifts and threads, which may not give the same long-term result.

Where to from here?

If you are interested in discussing face lift and neck lift more with Dr Dan Robinson, make an appointment to see him in his rooms. He will then discuss the benefits and appropriateness of each procedure with you and explain the operation in more detail.